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10 Jan 2019

Congratulations to our newest Engineer Luke Davis for 6 months at Aquasyn

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Luke currently handles a variety of tasks involving new product design & documentation utilizing 3D CAD Software. He interfaces with the fabrication team & outside vendors to ensure design manufacturability. Additionally, he interfaces with the sales & marketing teams to provide technical advice as well as realistic product rendering to facilitate sales & marketing.

15 Nov 2018

Aquasyn Receives the Silver Forge Award

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Aquasyn wins the 2018 Silver Forge Award. Each year, Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA.ORG) recognizes businesses whose outstanding contributions to economic development through it's Annual Pioneer Awards event. The Silver Forge Award showcases the manufacturer who is an innovator and leader in the manufacturing industry.

10 Apr 2017

Aquasyn Products on Display In Smithsonian’s “The Birth of Biotech” exhibit.

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Aquasyn is proud of it's place in the history of Bio Technology -- Aquasyn Products were used in the Smithsonian Institution's exhibit, "The Birth of Biotech". "These are some photos from the new Smithsonian exhibit on the birth of biotechnology. If you notice the glass sampling bottles and the valves attached there and elsewhere, they are from Aquasyn." - Michael Gagne

26 Dec 2016

Global Innovations is now SemiTorr Group, Inc.

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SemiTorr Group (formerly Global Innovations) represents Aquasyn for sales and distribution activities in the bio-sciences, food & beverage, and other high purity, sanitary and industrial process industries throughout the western United States. Headquartered in Tualatin OR, SemiTorr Group, Inc. operates regional facilities in Livermore CA, Chandler AZ, Dallas, TX, Denver CO and Lehi UT.

23 Sep 2016

Aquasyn LLC wants to Introduce our Customer Service Manager, Patricia Hall!

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We’re happy to have Patricia Hall as our Customer Service Manager, and as a part of the Aquasyn LLC family. She has been our trusted, and respectable Customer Service Manager since January of 2016 and we, at Aquasyn, wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work that she has put forth thus far. Prior to working [...]

12 Sep 2016

Aquasyn LLC Welcomes our new East Coast Sales Manager: Chris BeLieu!

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We would like to welcome and introduce our new East Coast Sales Manager to our team: Chris BeLieu. Chris BeLieu grew up in the Metro D.C. area in Alexandria, VA.  After a year of college, he enlisted in the USAF where he enjoyed a 20-year career as first an Avionics technician, and subsequently as a recruiter.  [...]

12 Aug 2016

Aquasyn LLC Welcomes our new West Coast Business Development Manager: Vincent Mitchell!

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We would like to introduce and welcome our new Business Development Manager to our team: Vincent “Mitch” Mitchell. Vincent Mitchell, also referred to as “Mitch,” grew up in Florida before finishing high school in upstate New York. He enlisted in the USAF after his high school career, where he studied engineering and became an Avionics Technician. [...]

27 May 2015

Aquasyn partners with class leading EM-TEC to provide precision non-contact flow sensing in single-use systems.

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Aquasyn LLC has partnered with em-tec Flow Technology LP for off-the-shelf sales of em-tec's BioProTT FlowTrack® revolutionary non-contact liquid flow meters.  BioProTT FlowTrack® flow meters, with clamp-over transducers offer highly accurate flow measurement in disposable tubing single use systems without causing pressure drop or shear stress on cells.  BioProTT FlowTrack® flow meters are available in bench [...]

10 May 2014

Aquasyn LLC – Congratulations to Dean Richards!

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Dean RichardsDirector at Aquasyn Aquasyn LLC, maker of pharmaceutical grade diaphragm and disposable process valves has promoted Mr. Dean Richards to the position of vice-president and general manager. This promotion recognizes Mr. Richards for his leadership in his role as general manager at Aquasyn for the last several years. Mr. Richards' 20-year career as [...]