Our tables & carts are manufactured to the highest standards. All welds are polished smooth, areas where dirt and debris can gather are minimized, and drainage holes are provided in any area where liquids can gather.

  • Innovative design solutions
  • Pre-fabrication components manufactured from BPE compliant machined bar stock bodies with controlled sulfur (.005-.017%) ferrite<0.5%
  • Fabricated by craftsmen in a controlled environment, insuring shrinkage, distortion and discoloration are within acceptable standards
  • Variety of tube specifications in sizes ranging from from 1/8″ to 6″
  • Exterior body/tube surfaces radiused and sloped promote cleanability by washdown or COP methods
  • All elements of manifolds are fully traceable ensuring ease of validation and documentation with weld maps available
  • Surface finishes available from 25Ra to 10Ra mechanical or electropolished available internal and external. ASME BPE marking is available.
  • Exotic materials including Hastelloy1
  • AL6XN2 and Titanium available upon request
  • Hygienic clamp, butt weld, orbital weld and special end connections available

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