As with other Aquasyn components, our pneumatic actuators provide design and construction which meet or exceed industry standards. The actuators feature lightweight performance plastic housings, precision stainless internals, and O-rings machined and molded to tight tolerances. Only high quality materials are used for long, trouble free performance.

Like our manual bonnets, all actuated bonnets feature our patented Tork-Tite feet and cover a complete range of automation requirements from basic on/off service to fine modulating control.

The positioner serves to position pneumatically actuated diaphragm valves. The positioner is an electro- pneumatic position controller for the pneumatically actuated continuous diaphragm valve. The device includes the following main function groups: a feedback/positional transducer, an electropnuematic system and a microprocessor electronic system. The feedback/positional transducer measures the actual position of the continuous valve. The microprocessor electronic system continuously compares the actual position (actual valve) with a desired position value that was preset via the standard signal input and supplies the result to the position controller. If an error exists, the electropneumatic system causes the actual position to be appropriately corrected.

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  • Compact lightweight design
  • Choice of spring return or double acting operation
  • Selected limit switch options available
  • Banjo mount solenoid options available
  • NAMUR adaptor available
  • High cycle life
  • Integral controlled travel stop

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