Aquasyn does not just offer an industrial diaphragm valve that has been converted to meet industry requirements, but products which are conceived and executed specifically to meet the needs of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.  Standard features like our integral sealing ridge, and proprietary Tork-Tite® Feet work together to minimize potential entrapment area, provide control diaphragm compression, and provide consistent zero leakage closure with repeatable flow control characteristics.

An Industry Standard.  The Aquasyn sample and bleed valves can be supplied in any number of configurations with options involving body type, end connections and surface finish.   Aquasyn’s innovative design capabilities set us apart.   Assortments of inline, angle and zero static tees that best meet your system needs. Ultra pure sampling valve is revolutionary in design and has an open-ended right-angle tube located in the center of the process line; gathering the most accurate sample of your media.

Our sanitary custom fabrication capabilities include specialty fittings, hybridized manifolds, dip tubes, thermowells, valve clusters, filter housings, hose racks, pump carts, storage carts and much more.     Thermowells are used to house temperature measurement probes, and ours provides a secure and hygienic barrier between the product and probe.    Aquasyn filter housings are designed to eliminate build-up and entrapment of contaminants, and can be configured to your system needs.  Contact us for your custom fabrication consultation today.

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