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Since it’s inception in 1996, Aquasyn’s goal has been to break new ground, not retrace the steps of others. Our extensive process engineering and manufacturing experience has enabled us to provide the dynamic biotech and pharmaceutical markets with standard, as well as customized, valves and associated components which are highly innovative and of uncompromising quality.

Aquasyn does not just offer an industrial diaphragm valve that has been converted to meet industry requirements, but products which are conceived and executed specifically to meet the needs of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Our proprietary bonnet design, Ultraz® high performance diaphragm, the Valbow® and Sample Bottle Assembly are just a few of the many standard products developed by Aquasyn to resolve unique process problems. We are committed to accommodate your ideas like no other high purity valve company can. It’s no wonder our customers consist of the biggest names in the industry.

Tork-Tite® Feet

Most diaphragm valve manufacturers locate the principle seal on the diaphragm itself, away from the process stream, creating a ledge that can result in the entrapment of process fluids. Aquasyn machines the sealing ring on the valve body at the intersection of the flow chamber, leaving fewer places for process fluids to remain during cleaning. Additionally, our patented Tork-Tite® feet at the bonnet corners hold the diaphragm in a fixed position, with controlled compression. A zero leakage seal is achieved while preventing extrusion of the diaphragm into the flow chamber. These unique features provide the benefits of minimal entrapment potential, consistent, repeatable flow characteristics and extended diaphragm life.

The Aquasyn Difference

Better by Design

The Aquasyn Difference