Concentric In-Line

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Concentric In-Line

The Aquasyn® Difference

Welcome to Aquasyn’s vision of what a sample/bleed valve should be designed. Our valve revises the tired & flawed original design with improvements that can be evidenced at a glance. With hybridized options of your liking, we are confident that we can execute your desires for options or further improvements better than any other company. Our integrated manufacturing capabilities ensure that you won’t be charged for these improvements the way you might by others.  The Aquasyn® line of new and improved Sample, Bleed and Pitot valves for clean service, get a look to see what you have been missing.


  • Vent Drain Valve
  • Sampling
  • Housing / Pump Air Bleed
  • Transfer Panel Safety / Drain Valve
  • Bleeding systems


  • 316L standard bodies
  • Optional material alternatives
  • 316L Stem with TFM Sealing Tip
  • Crevice free chamber
  • Two piece handle
  • USP Class VI Seal
  • Rising stem with central indicator
  • No tools necessary- easy maintenance
  • Less than 1 turn fully open/closed
  • Simple design and operation


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