An Industry Standard
The Aquasyn sample and bleed valves can be supplied in any number of configurations with options involving body type, end connections and surface finish.

Aquasyn’s innovative design capabilities set us apart. The compact and economical design features robust construction, precision machining and state of the art surface finishes with ASME-BPE compliant chemistry. All are machined from 316L austenitic stainless steel bar stock. No castings are used whatsoever, and all are fully traceable with material test reports (MTRs) and heat numbers provided as standard procedure.

  • 316L standard bodies
  • optional material alternatives
  • single piece stem
  • crevice free chamber
  • two piece handle
  • USP Class VI Seal
  • rising stem with central indicator
  • no tools necessary- easy maintenance
  • less than 1 turn fully open/closed
  • simple design and operation

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