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Aquasyn LLC Would Like to Welcome Back Mike Green, Head of Special Projects

While Mike is no stranger to the industries we serve, he was new to the world of sanitary diaphragm valves. As a result, Mike’s on-boarding involved training on the complete portfolio of Aquasyn products. His training began in our factory here in Carson City learning about our complete library of standard two-way sanitary diaphragm valves and our standard bleed & sample valves.

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Business Continuity Due to COVID-19 Virus Impact

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate all those around the world who are on the front lines working to contain the coronavirus. Please be assured that Aquasyn has taken, and will continue to take, all measures necessary to ensure minimal disruption to our manufacturing capability and our ability to deliver our high-quality products in a timely fashion, while at the same time complying with all governmental mandates towards reducing the transmission risks related to COVID-19.

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Fabricated vs. Machined | Custom Diaphragm Valve Considerations

Custom diaphragm valve design has been a staple of Aquasyn's business since its inception. From 3-way diverters with integral drain valves, to sterile access combinations with specialized instrument ports, we strive to leverage our 20+ years of experience to address our customers’ unique concerns and applications. With their initial diagram in hand, one of the first critical decisions to make is which manufacturing method best suits the customer’s needs: fabricated or a machined block style valve.

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Sanitary Diaphragm Valves | Built for Biotech

While sanitary diaphragm valves are well suited to a variety of applications, many manufacturers ignore the inherent difference in quality standards of the biotech industry by offering an industrial valve that is simply re-branded as “aseptic” or “hygienic”. When you compare the value of product lost due to contamination in the biotech industry to almost any other field, the need for a sanitary diaphragm valve developed specifically for these high purity applications becomes clear.

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Aquasyn at FOOMA Japan, Food Processing Show, July 9-12, 2019

FOOMA, "The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association", offers companies in the food business, food processing and food machinery a platform to present their companies, products & solutions. Aquasyn was represented by Osaka Sanitary. My main contact person was Mr. Yoshiya Kakizaki (in the photo below). Osaka Sanitary expressed a great deal of interest in using our valves on their equipment, possibly their "Automatic High Viscosity Fluid Preparation Machine"​ (see photo below). Aquasyn has been generating more and more interest in our valves from companies in Japan.

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