Let’s welcome Mike Green back to Aquasyn.

Mike Green

While Mike has just entered his 21st year living and working in Asia, he is a native to California. Spending his childhood and formative years in both Northern and Southern California, Mike was drawn to the beach where he went to college at The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). In addition to earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Mike also played Center on the Gaucho’s Football team. Upon earning his degree, Mike migrated back to Northern California where he commenced his career in Education and eventually ended up in a commercial role within the Pharmaceutical Industry where he represented the like of Roche, Berlex and Dura Pharmaceuticals. In 2002, Mike moved to Bangkok, Thailand where he was the Regional Sales Director for the region’s largest producer of Sorbitol and Dextrose and prior to joining the Aquasyn Team initially in June 2018, he spent nearly 15 years working throughout Southeast Asia and Greater China in Executive Search as a Headhunter (Senior Management Recruitment).

While Mike is no stranger to the industries we serve, he was new to the world of sanitary diaphragm valves when he initially joined Aquasyn. During his initial stint with Aquasyn, Mike gained solid experience with the complete portfolio of Aquasyn products consisting of standard two-way sanitary diaphragm valves and our standard bleed & sample valves and supported customers in Asia with our customization capabilities of all our valves. Not only does Aquasyn manufacture standard diaphragm valves, we are the industry leader in custom manufactured diaphragm valves which includes our Valbow, Point-of-Use valves, 3-way valves, GMP valves and Sterile access valves function. Since re-joining Aquasyn in January, he’s spent time in our factory here in Carson City with our staff of I.D. polishing, O.D. polishing, machinists and our ASME/BPE certified welder to better understand the manufacturing process of standard two-way sanitary diaphragm valves, inline valves and angle sample & bleed valves. He even got a sneak peak at Aquasyn’s new bag making capabilities.

Mike is looking forward to getting back into the market and once again support our customers in Asia while helping them to see how our stainless-steel custom component fabrication capabilities stacked up against others. Since our inception in 1996, Aquasyn has provided our customers with solutions to their custom component fabrication needs. Dip tubes, custom fittings, spool pieces, spargers, manifolds and most any custom fabrication that our customers can draw, we can manufacture.

Congratulations to Mike — thank you for your loyalty & good work.