Trouble Free
Aquasyn bonnets are designed and manufactured from stainless steel to provide long, trouble free service. All internal parts are machined to exacting tolerances for smooth and consistently reliable operation. Our patented Tork-Tite feet on the bonnet corners and compressors, which are precisely machined and finished to match the profile of the weir on the valve body, insure a fixed diaphragm position to provide consistent zero leakage closure and repeatable flow control characteristics.

Submersible Bonnet
The Aquasyn patent-pending sub- mersible bonnet assembly has been developed to meet the needs of recent developments in biopharm cleaning protocols. Designed to provide trouble free performance in demanding COP applications, these bonnets are autoclaveable, and incorporate a nongalling performance plastic stem. Available in size 1/4″ through 2″, the bonnet provides a compact, lightweight solution to complement Aquasyn’s range of diaphragm valves. Multiple iterations on submersible bonnet types are available.

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  • Readliy cleanable exterior
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Patented Tork-Tite feet provide consistent fixed diaphragm position
  • Stainless steel internals
  • Ergonomic performance plastic handwheel
  • Fully formed compressor exactly matches weir profile for tight shut-off, smooth operation
  • Custom bonnet options include: O-ring sealed, COP service, submersible and other specials
  • Special stem threading options available for manual flow control
  • Fixed internal travel stops
  • Adjustable travel stop available

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