Aquasyn at IndieBio Demo Day 2020

On Thursday February 6th, Vincent “Mitch” Mitchell of Aquasyn attended the IndieBio Demo Day at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, Ca.

Aquasyn seeks to align ourselves with, support, and advocate for up-and-coming companies who take part in the IndieBio Programs.

IndieBio Demo Day 2020 Biotech

About IndieBio:

IndieBio, a member SOSV, is the world’s leading seed-stage biotech accelerator. At IndieBio, they are devoted to building startups dedicated to solving humanity’s most pressing problems with life itself.

About the IndieBio Programs:

Each team receives $250,000 in seed funding, lab and co-working space, dedicated mentorship, and become part of a huge network of IndieBio alumni, investors, biotech entrepreneurs, investors, press, corporate partners, and more.

Twice a year, fifteen early stage biology companies move to downtown San Francisco to take part in an intense four month program unlike anything they’ve ever experienced in their PhD’s and Post-doctoral training. Founders engage with customers and partners, pitch to investors, and turn science into a real product people pay for.

IndieBio has an unparalleled track record of its companies raising seed rounds and beyond. We continue to support and invest in our companies through the years after the program.

In April of 2020, we are also opening our New York location in Manhattan and a batch of companies will have a similar experience there.

IndieBio Demo Day 2020 Biotech

Contact Aquasyn today if you’d like to be featured in our upcoming Emerging Technologies section, or if you’re looking for information about any of our product offerings. This includes our sanitary diaphragm valves, custom fabrication, and sampling valves.

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