About FEE 

Rosen Chang & Vincent Mitchell

Founded in 1989 and Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, First Elite Enterprise (FEE) specializes in the distribution of the engineering equipment for pipeline systems and pipe valves, as well as providing pipe welding technical support.  More specifically, they focus on Piping Engineering of Food, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Chemical and Building industry.

First-Elite, led by Rosen Chang (shown right with Vincent Mitchell), has a long history with the Bio-Technology industry in Taiwan and are very competent in their knowledge and sales of sanitary diaphragm valves and custom stainless steel fabrications.

First-Elite Enterprises has been a distributor for Aquasyn for over 6 years.

The Challenge

A recent challenge for FEE was a customer that was building a filtration skid and needed to integrate high quality valves into a confined space.  Suppliers with quality valves & experience required to meet the size requirements are in short supply.

FEE needed American made sanitary stainless-steel diaphragm valves to complement their existing line of products that they supply to their customers to fit their very specific requirements.

They were specifically, looking for a company with experience in process engineering & manufacturing, custom valves, highly innovative components as well as high quality custom fabrications.   A company with expert sales staff that could consult with them & directly with their clients in designing the perfect solution.

The Solution

Aquasyn specializes in Biotech Valves that utilize a common body size of ¼”, 3/8” and ½” nominal sizes.  The valves supplied effectively provide a compact alternative to full sized valves on bioreactors, filtration and chromatography skids.  Aquasyn’s Biotech Valves fit the bill to integrate high quality valves into a confined space.

The Journey

As the manufacturers’ representative, Aquasyn acts as the distributor’s expert on our products as well as solution providers to their customers.

The distributor provides a forum where Aquasyn can interact with their customer, then we engage in conversation to build rapport and respect the time we have available to understand their needs and concerns.  We strive to make sure the customer is heard and understood.   We also discuss their budget and ultimate fulfillment of their needs.

Celebrating 6 year relationship

Successful Result

FEE was able to meet the unique requirements of their customer by providing a high quality solution for their needs.

Aquasyn has provided First-Elite with solutions to their custom component fabrication needs.  Dip tubes, custom fittings, spool pieces, spargers, manifolds and most any custom fabrication that their customers can draw, we can manufacture.  As a result, their range of Aquasyn product sales increases each year – increasing their overall sales.

Aquasyn is very proud of our relationship with First-Elite and we look forward to a happy, healthy and profitable future.  See picture at right for Vincent Mitchell & FEE Owners celebrating 6 year relationship.


Chang & Mitch

Not only does Aquasyn manufacture standard diaphragm valves, we are the industry leader in custom manufactured diaphragm valves which includes our Valbow, Point-of-Use valves, 3-way valves, GMP valves and Sterile access valves.

No other company can match the footprint, execution and quality of Aquasyn valves in this application.  In the end, Aquasyn provided a solution for the customers’ need of valves in a hard to reach location on a filtration skid.

Aquasyn was chosen, not only due to their high quality valves, but also to their extensive process engineering and manufacturing experience in providing the dynamic bio-tech and pharmaceutical market with standard, as well as customized valves and associated components, such as highly innovative custom fabrications and of uncompromising quality.

Call Aquasyn at 818-350-0423 to consult with you on your next biotech valve or custom fabrication project.