Aquasyn wins the 2018 Silver Forge Award.

Each year, Northern Nevada Development Authority

Chris BeLieu of Aquasyn (left) accepts award from
NV Energy’s Jeff Brigger

(NNDA.ORG) recognizes businesses whose outstanding contributions to economic development through it’s Annual Pioneer Awards event.

The Silver Forge Award showcases the manufacturer who is an innovator and leader in the manufacturing industry. Aquasyn has differentiated itself from its competitors and has achievements which set itself apart from other businesses. Continuous improvement includes developing innovative solutions to meet manufacturing challenges so that important new products can be brought to market.

Aquasyn is proud to be a Nevada company, and we also take pride in sourcing associated raw materials and services in the USA, and more specifically, as much as possible from our fellow Nevada businesses. One of our ongoing goals is to increase business and to expand our operational capability here in Carson City. We experienced 12% growth in 2017 over the previous year and are on track this year for more growth. This is over twice the annual average growth for our sector! We have in turn increased our employee base with 6 new locally hired personnel over the past 12 months! Aquasyn is excited about our future and we look forward to continued success as we help our customers bring life-saving and life-changing medications to market.

From October 2013 – April 2014, some Aquasyn products were included in the “The Birth of Biotech” exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Upon receiving the 2018 Silver Forge Award on behalf of the company, Aquasyn Operations Manager Chris BeLieu said, “What an unexpected honor. We are so appreciative of this award and the recognition of our efforts. We will treasure this and hope to reflect the goals and dreams of our fellow small entrepreneurs in the region.”