10Apr 2017

Aquasyn Products on Display In Smithsonian’s “The Birth of Biotech” exhibit.

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Aquasyn is proud of it's place in the history of Bio Technology -- Aquasyn Products were used in the Smithsonian Institution's exhibit, "The Birth of Biotech". "These are some photos from the new Smithsonian exhibit on the birth of biotechnology. If you notice the glass sampling bottles and the valves attached there and elsewhere, they are from Aquasyn." - Michael Gagne

27May 2015

Aquasyn partners with class leading EM-TEC to provide precision non-contact flow sensing in single-use systems.

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Aquasyn LLC has partnered with em-tec Flow Technology LP for off-the-shelf sales of em-tec's BioProTT FlowTrack® revolutionary non-contact liquid flow meters.  BioProTT FlowTrack® flow meters, with clamp-over transducers offer highly accurate flow measurement in disposable [...]

2Mar 2015

ARTeSYN® Valve Technology leads the industry

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ARTeSYN® Single/Multi-Use Process Fluid Control Technology Huge strides have been made in the last several years in single-use/disposable process materials, science, and technology. However, valve technology has languished, with process equipment makers and end users trying to make-do with old-technology approaches to process fluid control such as guillotine style pinch valves which can leak and have poor flow control characteristics, and polymer "throw away" diaphragm valves that have all of the traditional issues of excessive hold-up volumes and inconsistent flow control. ARTeSYN® valves have been designed to meet the unique challenges of this new paradigm.