The ARTeSYN® Diaphragm Replacement Valve is a revolutionary fluid management solution for your single use or frequently changed process applications. It has the fewest product contact components possible in a valve: One! Quick change out of the process elements in various customizable configurations means you are guaranteed the ultimate solution to your specific process requirements.

An Industry Standard.  The Aquasyn sample and bleed valves can be supplied in any number of configurations with options involving body type, end connections and surface finish.   Aquasyn’s innovative design capabilities set us apart.   Assortments of inline, angle and zero static tees that best meet your system needs. Ultra pure sampling valve is revolutionary in design and has an open-ended right-angle tube located in the center of the process line; gathering the most accurate sample of your media.

Most diaphragm valve manufacturers locate the principle seal on the diaphragm itself, away from the process stream, creating a ledge that can result in the entrapment of process fluids.   The Aquasyn Tork-Tite® Feet holds the diaphragm in a fixed position with controlled compression, zero leakage closure & repeatable flow control.  Ultraz® high performance diaphragm valve with excellent steam resistance exceeds the baselines of EPDM or PTFE.

Our sanitary custom fabrication capabilities include specialty fittings, hybridized manifolds, dip tubes, thermowells, valve clusters, filter housings, hose racks, pump carts, storage carts and much more.     Thermowells are used to house temperature measurement probes, and ours provides a secure and hygienic barrier between the product and probe.    Aquasyn filter housings are designed to eliminate build-up and entrapment of contaminants, and can be configured to your system needs.  Contact us for your custom fabrication consultation today.

Welcome to Aquasyn LLC

Since it’s inception in 1996, Aquasyn’s goal has been to break new ground, not retrace the steps of others….

That has been our introduction for many years. It is as accurate today as it was when it was written, but Aquasyn has grown a lot since then. From its simple beginnings, and the idea that “there is a better way to do that,” Aquasyn has evolved in ways we could not have imagined. Today, our list of accomplishments seems to expand by the minute. We are, quite simply, different.

In this site, you may see revolutionary products unlike what you have seen elsewhere, or subtle improvements in existing ones that make their performance just a little better. Little developments that layer upon layer lead to significant progress and ultimately the difference between a satisfying user experience and an unsatisfying one. These are differences difficult to articulate in a soundbite; differences that spreadsheet price comparisons struggle to measure.

If you are like me, your time is in short supply. I need to know that the people I count on are not giving me programmed responses, but are capable of understanding and delivering innovation I need, when I need it. Yet, evolution or revolution takes time and can be messy. It is not easy to balance an urgent response with careful consideration. That is why so many don’t even attempt it. But, if you don’t try something new, can you get better?

We dream about how to make our products better every day. So whether your application is for a relatively simple Custom Fabrication, or it requires a Hybrid Diaphragm Valve or Diverter Valve; you owe it to yourself to investigate our capabilities. We just might make your life easier.

I hope you find a solution to your process challenge or an inspiration that leads to one, from visiting with us today. Push the envelope. We are here to help you find a better way.

When you want it done right and on time the first time, call Aquasyn.

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