Sanitary Carboy

Aquasyn’s Carboy has been designed and executed specifically to meet the needs of the bio-pharmaceutical & bio-processing industries.    It has been designed utilizing 316L stainless steel for chemical and corrosion resistance and can be manufactured with Hastelloy for a higher degree of chemical and corrosion resistance.  It can be designed to the customer’s exact size & specifications.

Other options include, different grades of stainless steel depending on application. Different options on the cart size and wheels. A sight-glass option is available.

Carboy Wiki

Carboys are typically used in the Biotech, Pharma and Life Sciences industries for transporting media in a simple, safe and efficient temperature-controlled environment or transporting waste in a controlled environment.

They are a simple, safe and efficient method to move non-biological media from one process or location to the next or removing waste media after processing.

Watch our video below with Chris BeLieu explaining what we do at Aquasyn.

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