We would like to introduce and welcome our new Business Development Manager to our team: Vincent “Mitch” Mitchell.

Vincent Mitchell, also referred to as “Mitch,” grew up in Florida before finishing high school in upstate New York. He enlisted in the USAF after his high school career, where he studied engineering and became an Avionics Technician.  After his 4-year enlistment, he left the military and moved to Los Angeles, California to begin work as a Technical Engineer for Magnavox Satellite Systems for 3 years, until he decided in a change of careers towards financial sales. He worked for Integrated Resources, later known as MetLife Resources, and began his sales career.  He combined his engineering background and sales experience to become an independent machine parts broker and formed his own company called Miceli Enterprises, in which the name “Miceli” derived from his real family name before it was changed circa 1900, when his family emigrated from Italy. After 8 successful years at Miceli Enterprises, he was offered a position by Fluid Line Technology as their Director of Marketing.  During his tenure at Fluid Line, he established them as a worldwide supplier to the Bio-Tech & Bio-Pharma market but after 12 years, he found that he needed greater challenges in his career and thus joined the Aquasyn family as the West Coast/ Asia Business Development Manager, in July of 2016. Mitch’s expertise are 2-way valves (with the innovatively designed Aquasyn® Tork-Tite Feet™), biotech valves, GMP valves, sampling/ bleed valves, zero static tee valves, tank bottom valves, and many more Aquasyn products!

During his free time, he enjoys listening to music, watching films, traveling and enjoying a glass of fine whiskey. Every now and then, he also enjoys in leisurely hiking, playing tennis and golf.

We are excited to welcome Mitch in joining the Aquasyn family and we know that not only will he make a great contribution to our success, but also be a great fit for Aquasyn LLC® due to his passion for our product lines!

If you’re based in the West Coast, please feel free to reach out to Vincent “Mitch” Mitchell for more information regarding any, and all Aquasyn products at vmitchell@aquasyn.com