Product Description

The ARTeSYN (APV) Arterial Process Valve is the newest innovation for your single use or frequently changed process applications. It has the fewest product contact components possible in a valve: One! Quick change out of the process elements in various customizable configurations means you are guaranteed the ultimate solution to your specific process requirements.

The ARTeSYN engineered range of valves and modules are revolutionary in design and performance. Totally customizable, they can be integrated into existing system setups or used in new installations. The variety of liner materials, connection options, methods of operation and valve control configurations offer you a versatile product range solving your system design needs!


  •  Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing
  •  Ultra-pure water production
  • Media prep
  • Filtration
  • Cell culture
  • Chromatography
  • Filling
  • Aseptic biochemical production
  • Cosmetics
  • Available in various materials of construction including stainless 316L & performance plastic
  • Color coded handles for process identification
  • Reduced componentry for easy use
  • Multiple orientations and sizes available depending on flow patterns
  • No tools necessary for assembly and disassembly
  • Multiple connection types
  • Progressive flow curve
  • Single or Multi use flow paths
  • Readily automated
  • Virtually eliminates hold up volumes

ARTeSYN System

  • Supplied as a full assembly with specially designed liners and mating tubing you can create the solution to your process requirements easily, quickly and at an affordable cost!
  • All parts can be connected using ARTeSYN’s clamp quick connection method!

ARTeSYN Valves

  • Clamp the ARTeSYN valve assembly straight into your existing tubing setup! Clamp the valve body around your tubing and then connect the method of operation to the body with another clamp and the valve assembly is ready for service.

Custom Setup

  • Marry ARTeSYN’s ranges of Valves and liners into any existing system layout to find your process solution.
  • Whether you require tube over molding, specially designed connections, hose barbs or clamps. Aquasyn has the answer!

Aquasyn currently offers 3 standard liners designed especially for use in ARTeSYN products to suit a variety of applications and line media that can be molded into custom orientations to suit your layout.

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