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Customer Success Story : First Elite Enterprise (FEE)

Founded in 1989 and Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, First Elite Enterprise (FEE) specializes in the distribution of the engineering equipment for pipeline systems and pipe valves, as well as providing pipe welding technical support. More specifically, they focus on Piping Engineering of Food, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Chemical and Building industry.

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Congratulations to our Engineer Mike Green for 8 months at Aquasyn

While Mike is no stranger to the industries we serve, he was new to the world of sanitary diaphragm valves. As a result, Mike’s on-boarding involved training on the complete portfolio of Aquasyn products. His training began in our factory here in Carson City learning about our complete library of standard two-way sanitary diaphragm valves and our standard bleed & sample valves.

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Product Spotlight : Valbow® Valve, Perfect for that tight spot

Aquasyn wins the 2018 Silver Forge Award. Each year, Northern Nevada Development Authority (NNDA.ORG) recognizes businesses whose outstanding contributions to economic development through it's Annual Pioneer Awards event. The Silver Forge Award showcases the manufacturer who is an innovator and leader in the manufacturing industry.

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Congratulations to our newest Engineer Luke Davis for 6 months at Aquasyn

Luke currently handles a variety of tasks involving new product design & documentation utilizing 3D CAD Software. He interfaces with the fabrication team & outside vendors to ensure design manufacturability. Additionally, he interfaces with the sales & marketing teams to provide technical advice as well as realistic product rendering to facilitate sales & marketing.

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Aquasyn Products on Display In Smithsonian’s “The Birth of Biotech” exhibit.

Aquasyn is proud of it's place in the history of Bio Technology -- Aquasyn Products were used in the Smithsonian Institution's exhibit, "The Birth of Biotech". "These are some photos from the new Smithsonian exhibit on the birth of biotechnology. If you notice the glass sampling bottles and the valves attached there and elsewhere, they are from Aquasyn." - Michael Gagne

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