Aquasyn LLC has partnered with em-tec Flow Technology LP for off-the-shelf sales of em-tec’s BioProTT FlowTrack® revolutionary non-contact liquid flow meters.  BioProTT FlowTrack® flow meters, with clamp-over transducers offer highly accurate flow measurement in disposable tubing single use systems without causing pressure drop or shear stress on cells.  BioProTT FlowTrack® flow meters are available in bench top, panel mount or DIN rail models to meet all application needs.
Aquasyn’s goal has always been to break new ground by providing customers with innovative fluid control solutions and associated components of uncompromising quality.  The ARTeSYN® brand of single use process fluid control valves and related components sets a new standard in single use flow control technology.  You may already be using ARTeSYN® valves in your facility and now you can conveniently source em-tec’s BioProTT FlowTrack flow meters and BCT Clamp-On Transducers from  Aquasyn directly.  For more information, contact Aquasyn directly at