We’re happy to have Patricia Hall as our Customer Service Manager, and as a part of the Aquasyn LLC family.

She has been our trusted, and respectable Customer Service Manager since January of 2016 and we, at Aquasyn, wanted to acknowledge all of the hard work that she has put forth thus far.

Prior to working at Aquasyn LLC in January of 2016, she gained experience in customer service, and related fields. For the past 25 years, she worked in fields such as print, die cutting, laminating and packaging, and expanded her knowledge throughout all mediums of quality care. Her experiences have ranged from working as a Product Estimator to an Assistant Manager and thus, acquired a great knowledge of ensuring quality and satisfaction with every person encountered. Due to her experience of dealing with countless customers within these fields, she has grown her knowledge and expertise in interpersonal skills. Her kindness has been a quality trait that we have benefitted from by having her as one of our team members!

Patricia lives in the San Fernando Valley, located in the Los Angeles County, where she houses an assortment of exotic “household” pets to traditional pets — from different reptiles, to horses and dogs. In her free time, she also enjoys off-roading with her Jeep and ATV and spending time camping with her family, including her daughters and grandchildren.

We were lucky to welcome her to our team and she has not disappointed, but rather has exceeded our expectations of quality care and customer satisfaction.

Patricia’s positive energy, friendliness, and desire for ensuring the overall satisfaction of our end users has been a great contribution to the quality of care that Aquasyn guarantees. We are lucky to have an employee such as Patricia Hall as a part of our team.

For any orders on diaphragms, diaphragm valves, bonnets, tubing, customization, two-way valves, tank bottoms, and any or all Aquasyn products, please reach out to Patricia Hall for quotes and orders at phall@aquasyn.com.